The project

« On the Eastern roads »

Our wish to build a programme based on popular Eastern musics around Czech composers such as Bohuslav  Martinu and Erwin Schulhoff as well as the Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály was born from our attachment to their unique and deeply generous effort  to pay tribute and to revive, each in his singular way, their rural musical heritage, finding their inspiration above all in popular and folk musics of their own country, thus preserving its full living memory.

What deeply touches us in these colourful, rhythmic types of musics – even sung or spoken, spoken that is to say in the syllable, the dialogue, the unison singing is that they speak about the land, of the women and men who live on it, of their songs, their dances, their languages.

All this humanity is taking shape thanks to the different approaches and meetings carried out by these composers and our ambition is to make our programme « On the Eastern Roads »  recall it as vividly as possible. These sorts of musics might well occasionally sound rough, coarse even, for the message they convey is above all a message of sheer life, of living together.

For time immemorial music, dance, singing, Art as a whole, have been carrying universal messages which  eventually brought Men together around what could be considered as « The Other ». This « Other », this « Different » is where lie all the treasures of our world as well as the soul of each sensible human being.

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